The sun set early for a music festival at Isla Blanca Park in Texas over the weekend.

Thousands of Sol Beach Festival attendees are demanding refunds after the power went out, the result of an incident that the Cameron County Parks Department attributed on Tuesday to "unforeseen third-party equipment issues."

The festival was put on by AARM Business Group and started on August 28th. Attendees were told that Puerto Rican superstar Myke Towers would be performing, among others, but the rapper failed to appear as a result of the equipment issues. Watch the video below, in which KEVVO performs before the sound cuts out.

After a DJ came on stage and stated the power would be restored, attendees reportedly waited for hours, but to no avail. Police eventually arrived and told everyone to go home, according to one attendee, Lyseth Mayorga Serna.

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"We waited in line for three hours, at first there was some artists singing but seems like the lights and music went out, after that nobody came out again," Serna told CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley. "We finally got in around 11:30 and once we were in everyone was everywhere, no areas were assigned, nobody performed nothing at all, we waited until cops showed up and told everyone to leave."

Attendees threw beer at the stage and knocked over barriers, but they weren't the only ones up in arms. The festival's promoter, Ram de la Cruz, is allegedly refusing to take responsibility and instead placing the blame on Jorge Garcia, the event's organizer. de la Cruz said that they were short-staffed and didn't have enough people to run generators and manage the show, CBS 4 reported.



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