There have certainly been more off-brand partnerships than one of the world's biggest music festivals teaming up with a rum maker. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Tomorrowland, Havana Club has released a rum line called Havana Club TML XV.

"Created by acclaimed Master of Cuban Rum, Asbel Morales, in collaboration with the creative minds behind Tomorrowland, this new super-premium rum is a tribute to the unique, celebratory atmosphere of the festival and the vibrant energy from the streets of Havana," reads a passage on the product website. It goes on to say that the bases in the rum are aged between 12-40 years in 60-year-old casks. 

Only 2,000 bottles of the rum were released, starting at this year's edition of the festival in July. They currently sell for €100.00.

Tomorrowland has taken place annually in Boom, Belgium since 2005. For the 15th anniversary they brought back their "The Book of Wisdom" theme, which they originally debuted for the festival's 2012 edition. 

Next year's event will run from Friday, July 17th to Sunday, July 26th, 2020. For more information, visit the Tomorrowland website.

H/T: EDMTunes