The skateboarding and electronic music crossover you didn't you know you needed is here, thanks to Tony Hawk and electronic music outfit The Avalanches.

The legendary skateboarder has joined forces with The Avalanches to launch a fundraiser for Hawk's The Skatepark Project, which helps underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for young people. Following the release of their single "Reflecting Light," the renowned duo teamed up with custom vinyl manufacturer Small Run to press a limited number of records onto X-ray film.

"In a tribute to the 'bone records' of the 1950's Soviet era, (where banned western records were cut onto X-Ray film and smuggled into the USSR to avoid authorities) we've come together with the one and only [Tony Hawk] for a unique one off pressing," The Avalanches wrote in an Instagram post.

The vinyl is the epitome of rare, as only 12 copies exist. Tony Hawk owns one of them, which features a freakish X-ray image of his dislocated fingers from an injury back in June. He is making his copy available as part of the fundraiser for The Skatepark Project. Any contribution to the initiative will render you eligible to win the one-of-a-kind vinyl pressing and your chances of winning will increase with each entry you submit.

Donate to The Skatepark Project here and check out the announcement by The Avalanches below.





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