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Tritonal's first album in nearly two years won't quite be what fans expect. And while it may be unconventional, it has the potential to be one of their finest.

The veteran dance music duo have announced Reverence, a new meditation album. Set to be released in April 2021, the record is inspired by the meditative music of Brian Eno, Nils Frahm, and Ólafur Arnalds as well as Tritonal's own personal spiritual journeys.

Reverence will be Tritonal's first since 2019's U & Me. Check out the official teaser video below.

Tritonal teased the album in January 2021, announcing they completed a "one big cohesive ethereal & meditative piece of music" in one single Logic Pro project file, which contains a staggering 417 channels. According to a press release, the duo implemented some superlative production techniques in their goal to cultivate a "meditative musical experience far from the norm," like seamlessly moving around the circle of fifths while simultaneously automating tempo and meter changes.

Tritonal also shed some light on their creative process via Twitter, writing that Reverence is "the first album we’ve ever conceived of as a book, or a unified story with one theme perpetually reiterating itself in a variety of ways." In a follow-up tweet, they also noted that the record was going to be mastered by an orchestral engineer. University of Texas Music Professor Nick Sibicky was later revealed to have worked closely on the album, contributing orchestral composition.

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The genesis of the album formed in March 2020, when Tritonal were forced to announce the cancellation of every show on their "Long Way Home" tour and their highly anticipated return to Miami's Ultra Music Festival.

"Looking back, it's so funny to think how we thought, 'Oh this will be over by early summer and we’ll just reschedule,'" said Tritonal's Chad Cisneros. "By the middle of summer, like so many of you around the planet, we were grieving. We were grieving the loss of our brothers and sisters, we were grieving the divisiveness of the political climate, we were grieving the loss of the ability to do what we love doing so much - play music."

"Fortunately, both Dave and I were surrounded by our loving families and had one another to talk with daily, we had the support of our beautiful wives and children, we had music, and we had our own personal relationships with the Divine," Cisneros continued. "We realized that although this was a crisis on one level, it also presented a huge opportunity. It gave us an opening to reflect, to contemplate, to meditate, to rest deeply, and to ask ourselves some tough personal questions like, 'Who Am I? What is our role in the universe? What do we mean to the dance community? What do we stand for?' We both instinctively knew that we wanted to grow interpersonally, spiritually, and musically. From this seed of a desire to grow, Reverence was born."

Reverence is scheduled to released on streaming platforms on April 22nd, 2021. You can pre-save the album here.





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