A new PSA video published by the UK Home Office condemns all gatherings and meet-ups, including raves, as illegal in the wake of current lockdown restrictions throughout the country.

The UK is currently under a nationwide lockdown order, but that has seemingly not deterred residents from gathering in masses, including the organization of unauthorized raves.

Home Secretary Priti Patel expressed frustration with the actions of what she stated were a small number of individuals in late January. In response, the government additionally quadrupled the financial penalties associated with attending in-person gatherings to £800 per person.

Now, the latest correspondence from the UK Home Office shares 2021 video footage of citizens attending various events, including baby showers and house parties, while unequivocally stating, "All gatherings are currently against the law." The video goes on to additionally condemn raving specifically, as many event organizers have attempted to fly under the radar with underground events. Last summer, law enforcement cracked down on over 1,000 unlicensed events in a matter of months.

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