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Inclusivity is what dance music is all about. 

The basement of YES on Charles Street in Manchester will be taken over for an Under One Roof event on July 21st, 2022. Under One Roof is a fully-accessible rave for adults with learning disabilities.

The venue will be set up to be a safe space with lots of room for attendees. The music will be supplied by THE FAT BRITNEY, one-half of the Fatcamp DJ collective and resident of PREACH club, Rainy City Radio and Steam FM.

"If parties won't make themselves accessible, we'll throw our own," THE FAT BRITNEY said, per The Manc. "Smash every door in and put a ramp down! See you on the dance floor!!"

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Tickets can be purchased here for £4 and are free for attendees' carers. YES will be operating at a reduced capacity for the event.

Many multi-talented, differently-abled people have seen success in music and have used social media as a platform to spread awareness and positivity.

Leighton Clarke, a New Zealand DJ who suffers from Tourettes, picked up DJing during the pandemic. He shared his journey on TikTok and has since amassed a following of 4.1 million followers at the time of this article's publication. DJ Huguito is a Miami-based dance music producer born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bone Disease, a condition characterized by extremely fragile bones that break easily.

"I entered this world living in danger," Huguito told in a 2021 interview. "A bad fall can easily end my life. But I never let fear get in the way of what I want to accomplish."


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