David Guetta is kicking off a two-hour live stream set as part of the United At Home fundraiser event.

The fundraiser aims to support a number of charitable organizations leading the COVID-19 relief effort. Donations from the United At Home event are going to support the World Health OrganizationFeeding South Florida, Feeding America, and the French Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris

Guetta's performance is taking place in Miami between highrise apartments, enabling local residents to come out and enjoy the music in-person from the comfort of their balconies. Guetta's performance was partially inspired by Chris Martin's Together At Home concert, but the chart-topping producer knew he wanted to introduce the energy of a live audience in some capacity. As a cherry on top, he announced on Twitter that he will be matching every dollar donated during the live stream.

Of course Guetta is breaking out the lights and production visuals to make the set feel as close to a festival experience as possible. The "Without You" producer has also stated he plans to test out a selection of new music, so viewers should keep their eyes and ears peeled for what's next from the multi-platinum artist.


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