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An Israeli woman attempting to enter a Haifa nightclub was arrested after allegedly assaulting a security guard—and biting off part of his ear.

Ynet reports the accused, a 36-year-old mother of two, was initially denied entry after security believed she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. After being denied entry, it initially seemed the woman had accepted the bouncer's decision, but sources say she suddenly attacked the man, biting off part of his ear in the process.

It only takes seven pounds of pressure to rip a human ear, according to Disabled World. And in the split-second commotion that ensued, the bouncer instinctively sought to stop the bleeding while calling for assistance as fellow personnel rushed in to detain the woman before law enforcement could arrive. 

A bouncer's ear was partially severed after an altercation with a customer at an Israeli nightclub.

A bouncer's ear was partially severed after an altercation with a customer at an Israeli nightclub.

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Unfortunately, the severed ear fragment was not recovered at the scene, per Ynet. Instead, the bouncer required surgery and was treated at Rambam Health Care Campus immediately thereafter.

Meanwhile, the assailant was confronted by police as she continued to exhibit unruly behavior before she eventually was arrested. Authorities identified drugs on her person after taking her into custody and she is now facing charges of aggravated battery, drug possession and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.


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