The impact of COVID-19 effectively quashed the live concert industry, sending its artists, managers, agents, and promoters into a professional tailspin in the process. Their dealings have since migrated to the virtual music livestreaming landscape, which is becoming more and more robust with each passing day as major players in the industry, Like Twitch, Facebook, and SoundCloud, push their chips to the middle of the table.

Due to social distancing ordinances and concerns about the health of patrons, the live music industry has remained dormant despite unwavering and incessant requests by venue owners to reopen amid crushing financial losses. Nevertheless, country-rock singer and Bishop Gunn frontman Travis McCready is primed to host the world's first-ever socially distanced concert, an intimate acoustic set at TempleLive in Fort Smith, Arkansas, on May 15th and organized by Live Nation. According to a report from Bloomberg, McCready's event arrives at a critical juncture for Live Nation, whose shares were down 49% since hitting an all-time high in February.

A myriad of safety precautions are being implemented in order to abide by current social distancing protocols, which were instated to comply with the guidelines outlined in a Monday, May 4th announcement by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. According to the Bloomberg report, the McCready show will consist of “fan pods” that will feature anywhere from two to twelve seats, which translates to a maximum of 229 fans, or 20% of the venue's normal capacity. Moreover, concert-goers are required to wear masks covering their noses and mouths and they must submit to a temperature check at the door. Foghorns will also blast antibacterial solution in large quantities to disinfect the grounds before the show.

H/T: Bloomberg