Wuhan, China, the purported fountainhead of COVID-19, hosted a massive pool party over the weekend as the city tries to go back to normal following a period of stringent lockdown.

According to a report by Complex, the rave took place at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park over the weekend. Footage widely circulated on social media shows thousands of revelers floating on inflatable tubes, flouting social distancing measures and partying in close proximity in the water with virtually no masks in sight.

It's important to note that the city of Wuhan hasn't reported any new coronavirus cases in three months. Considering Wuhan's notoriety as the city where COVID-19 reportedly first originated, though, the concert's timing is dubious as many other nations, including Italy, Spain, and the US, struggle to reduce the impact of the virus.

Forbes reports that Wuhan hasn't detected any locally transmitted cases following a sweeping 76-day lockdown. However, many have questioned the legitimacy of China's reporting pertaining to the number of active cases and deaths. According to CNN, who analyzed data from the country's National Health Commission and Hubei Provincial Health Commission, infections in the city account for nearly 60% of the 84,000-plus total confirmed cases across China.

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Watch a video from the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park event below, obtained by AFP.



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