In the most unexpected crossover of the year, Zedd was featured in the newest music video from 90s nu-metal band Alien Ant Farm. On the band's latest track, they covered Wham!'s 1984 classic "Everything She Wants." While they're certainly no stranger to providing rock spins to pop songs, they decided to take their music video in a different direction and feature tons of special guests.

Although many of the featured cameos were fans or bands from the same era as Alien Ant Farm, EDM lovers' ears perked up when they saw one of the biggest names in the genre appear. For those having trouble finding the electronic music easter egg, the brief shot of him smiling and playing air drums happens just after the 1:50 mark. 

Surprising to some, Zedd superfans know the appearance isn't as random as it seems. Many often forget that before taking the dance music world by storm with hits like "Clarity" and 'The Middle," the Russian-German DJ/producer got his start playing drums in a heavy metal band named Dioramic

"Everything She Wants" by Alien Ant Farm is out now. You can download or stream here.