It's often a slippery slope for musicians to choose a side when it comes to politics, but Zedd has voiced his support for a presidential candidate regardless. In no uncertain terms, the German DJ/producer has come to the defense of 2020 Democratic primary hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Zedd (real name Anton Zaslavski) tweeted "#ILikeBernie." The hashtag recently began trending in response to comments made by 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton that "Nobody likes [Sanders]" in a yet-to-be-released documentary titled Hillary. Zaslavski's fan base has shared predictably mixed reactions to his tweet.

Zaslavski is no stranger to finding himself on one end of a social debate - although the last time it happened was far less deliberate. After liking a tweet made by the account for Comedy Central television show South Park last fall, he was permanently banned from China.

On February 28th, Zaslavski will resume touring with a performance at EDC Mexico in Mexico City.