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Believe it or not, The Prophet doesn't really care about your opinion, the majority of you follow the crowd and haven't developed an independent thought for fear of being ostracized by whatever unfortunate peer group you cling to, but time travel is possible, and every one of you has the power to do so.

Music has the power to transport you through time, a little more precise than that, music has the power to transport you across your own time stream. Reliving past glories, revisiting previous festival moments you had forgotten existed, it's all available, all you have to do is pick the perfect song.

Have you ever noticed as you get older, time irretrievably speeds up? Psychologists have a theory behind this remarkable experience 'Retrospective Vantage', Marc Wittman and Sandra Lenhoff of Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich found that the reason for this was new experiences tend to be hardcoded into our brains whereas familiar experiences tend not to be. Quite simply our judgment of time depends on how many new memories we create over a certain period in our life.

The older you get, the less new experiences you create, and the more experiences you begin to relive. However, a statement not quite as tragic as it first appears.

We have music. Every gig, festival or DJ you attend, you're creating these little snippets of memory, memories that years in the future, you can relive.

Music is a powerful tool, it helps us remember who we were, and a time in our lifelong but forgotten, in essence, the opportunity to time travel.

More powerful than a photo, dance music and the nostalgic memories they evoke can, for better or worse, change your overarching mood instantaneously. Next time you're out with only your headphones for company, choose a song that means something to you, whether it be a cherished memory or a moment in time you'll never forget. It's amazing how quickly after pressing play you feel that rush, the overwhelming strength of that particular instant in time.

Music is everywhere, we are bombarded with new music each and every single day, the majority of music has become nothing more than a footnote at the bottom of a car commercial. However no matter how much they try and commercialise dance music, they will never succeed, no matter how much they attempt to, dance music will always be our subculture (barring perhaps the most commercial of dance music), The Prophet is certain of this, and that's one of the main reasons why we submerge ourselves within the culture.

If you spent a summer working abroad, you'll have a track that reminds you so vividly, you'll swear you can still hear the waves lapping in the background. Memories of a love you lost? You'll have a track that for an entire seven minutes, lets you relive the happiness and heartache you experienced during that turbulent time in your life.

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With The Prophet now having witnessed many years of changing tides, something that I and you'll discover (if you haven't already) is that nostalgia is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. There's no shame in reliving your glory days, it doesn't even have to be a song that was groundbreaking, the only thing that matters was that the song at that time connected, and helped rubber stamp a pivotal moment in your life.

Each of these memories and each of these songs helped shape you into the person you are at this very moment.

Whether you believe it or not (in my opinion it's simply ridiculous if you don't and you may as well stop reading) music is the strongest link to our past, there's nothing else we treasure more than a music collection, have you ever asked yourself why that is? Apart from bragging stakes, it's a reminder of who you were, it supplements us on our bad days, and helps elevate us on days which we are at our triumphant best.

Dance music channels on a deeper level, it enriches our soul and leaves an irremovable mark on our conscious, and sub-conscious mind. You may not quite fully understand it yet, but every festival you attend, DJ you worship and song you absorb, helps you develop and evolve as a person.

If you truly worship electronic music on a similar level to which The Prophet worships music, you'll understand The Prophet's 'Music is a Form of Time Travel Theory', however if not, then stop reading this article Google 'Chronesthesia', and then re-read from the beginning.

With the current Instagram generation, The Prophet finds himself in the midst of, it's remarkable to see so many people at gigs and concerts taking an infinite amount of photos but failing to truly make any lasting memories. Failing to live in the moment for fear of missing another great photo opportunity is the great curse of this generation.

How can you be busy creating memories, when you refuse to remove your eye from the lens of a camera? Memories are made by initiating and interacting with all five senses, they're not made by stealing an instant snapshot with only one.

Time Travel Propheteers, cherish your moments within the music. You'll never relive anything other than a snapshot if you don't.

Until next time. The Prophet has spoken.



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