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"Quarantine Diaries" is an editorial series in which EDM.com invites members of the music community to contribute guest posts about how they're coping with the pandemic. The goal of the series is to provide a platform for these individuals to share their own experiences and perspectives and ultimately inspire anyone experiencing pitfalls contrived by the impact of COVID-19. The thoughts and viewpoints expressed are those of the author, Kaleena Zanders.

Oh boy, I feel like I've been around the sun and back during this quarantine, witnessing some of the most unique and transformative times.

I am really not one to dwell on bad or negative issues, but I've felt extremely sensitive during quarantine, especially at the start of it all. I've been bewildered by the spread of COVID-19, and I’ve been paying close attention to the widespread awakening surrounding the dormant racism and discrimination in our society.

I've had to take a lot of personal inventory on my feelings and actions. I'm making strides in tending to things I've ignored, all across the board. I've been writing, reading, Marie Condo-ing my house, making music, and preparing my solo EP, which comes out this fall. Because we've had so much time to be indoors, I've been able to reflect on the truth of what I want, and decided to put together an EP of songs produced by some of my best friends. I've made so much music as a collaborator and vocal accompaniment, but not nearly enough of my own sound is out there. I've always had the desire to heal people with my voice and through music. I pray it connects, touches people spiritually, and makes an impact on their hearts. I am so thankful that dance music has opened a door for me to be heard all over the world, and now I want to take everyone on my personal journey.

I've also been getting up earlier, around 6:30 to 7AM. I am finally dialing in my diet. I'll admit at the start of the quarantine, I got a little depressed (okay, a lot) and I was like, "F'k it, let's eat In-n-Out everyday!" I've reeled it in now and I'm back on my hiking game, which I am taking full advantage of while the parks remain open.

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking on the phone, or what most call the bane of their existence, Zoom. Personally, I happen to love Zoom! It has helped me create deeper bonds with my friends. I think sometimes we take our friendships for granted, and don't realize how important it is to have an amazing friend group until we can't see each other. Being in quarantine has truly taught me how valuable my pals are.

Also, it has been lovely to get some play time in with my kitties. I was traveling so much before, and missed the joy of playing and cuddling with them. All in all though, things have picked back up for me in a different way, and I’m currently busier than ever! My days are filled with Zoom music sessions, getting assets ready for my EP, and I've been doing heaps of livestreams, which have been challenging yet also extremely rewarding.

Also, I’m over here expanding my creative skills, and excited about learning how to be a videographer, editor, and Photoshop wiz. To be honest, I feel like it is all preparation for dialing in live shows when they come back, and popping in the future. It's going to take all hands on deck, and no ego, to navigate this new industry normal, and I am ready! 


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