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The Prophet has said it on more than one occasion, and he'll almost certainly repeat it again in the future. He doesn't care about your opinion, your opinion is probably wrong, it's probably not even your own opinion. He presumes you've looked at a quote from a celebrity you admire, stolen and paraphrased it just enough for you to pretend that you came up with yourself.

One of the most important things The Prophet can teach you is that you must stay true to your music, at all costs you must stay true to your sound.

Regardless of popularity or what is deemed hot or not, your music is the key to your soul, quite literally you hold the wellbeing and the very career of your favorite DJ's through your musical purchases. There is a certain duty of care between you, the music lover, and your favorite DJ.

You might be surprised but the Prophet has an admission of guilt, yes he too is fallible. Shockingly the Prophet is speaking in slightly hypocritical tongues at the minute, speaking from past experience. At the beginning of The Prophet's journey into the world of electronic music, he was besotted with the music of Tiësto.

Without Tiësto, The Prophet would not exist. He was awakened by the haunting transcendent musical notes of the trance maestro. Gathering up every piece of music he could find, from little known hidden live sets found in the deep dark trenches of the internet, to Tiësto's gargantuan World Tour DVD's, he dissected them, he immersed himself in the music of Tijs Verwest, until suddenly Tiesto sitting at the very summit of the trance music industry downgraded and emigrated to the shinier more popular sound you hear today. The Prophet was devastated, aghast he turned away in shame from his idol.

The one thing The Prophet never turned away from was his love of trance, it only made the bond stronger, the bond was and is forever indestructible.

Speaking from experience, and a heavy heart, The Prophet urges you to follow your DJ and follow your heart, from the darkness into the light or light into the darkness.

Any true dance music fan will freely admit that you can't fall out of love with a style of music, it's impossible to choose your genre, if you're true to the music, then you understand, when I say it captures, and never lets you go.

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Loyalty can't be bought, cant be swayed, like an unrequited love, you'll defy the universe and anyone else who disagrees with your opinion.

Therein lies the problem with music by popularity contest, what happens when the crowd leaves? Moves on, find a new flavor of the month? Loyalty demands you disregard the swaying of mass opinion. Any true music fan knows that respect is earned through loyalty if you chop and change your favorite music time and time again, this proves but one thing, you were never really a true fan.

Be proud of your taste, be defiant when they attempt to mock your style in music, and by God will they mock you. They'll call you old fashioned, they'll attempt to sway you, overthrow and change you. Smile in the face of change and take solace in the fact that you are true to your sound, true to the music, true to your heart.

As the sound evolves, so will you, you will start to appreciate loyalty in the musical tastes of others, your understanding of the music will deepen, you'll start to live inside the sound, hear as the DJ heard while creating a track, in doing this you'll feel a deeper connection to the DJ themselves. Chase down those elusive early sets, the sets when your favorite DJ played to 50 instead of 5000, listen to the evolution of the music. Dig a little deeper, listen to the music that inspired the DJ, connect the sound, understand the journey the DJ ventured on to become the musical style they are today.

Synesthesia (look it up) is real, music is more than a note or a track traveling through your headphones, it's the very real condition when you can literally feel the music traveling through your body, like holding electricity on the very tip of your fingers.

Be more than a part-time music fan, be more than a favorite song on repeat. Be your music.

And one more thing...

Tiësto, The Prophet apologizes, you gave The Prophet more through music than you have ever taken away.

Until next time, The Prophet has spoken.



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