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Trance isn't something you simply kind of like. It's an awakening, it's a life-changing moment when you hear the 'song', that can quite literally change your life.

Trance can change your life, it allows you to see a higher state of consciousness, a freedom, a feeling of euphoria that no other music will provide.

One of the worst rumors surrounding trance music at the minute, is that 'it's making a comeback', But how can it make a comeback if it never goes away? The trance genre is arguably the biggest across the industry, A State of Trance Radio Show, from inauspicious beginnings is now heard by 20 million people worldwide per week, and the show itself has just reached its 800th episode.

The fact that 'it's making a comeback' just means that part-time fans from other genres are riding the coattails of a current popularity boost. We trance fans aren't worried though, because when the popularity ends, and the genre hoppers flock to whatever else is deemed popular, we'll still be standing there with our hand aloft, worshipping the music. More in love with it than we've ever been before.

It's impossible to explain to a non-trance fan what the appeal is, even The Prophet, as industry omnipotent as he is, struggles. To put it bluntly, it's the slow build-up rush, and the spine-tingling explosion of ecstasy, without the need to actually consume the drug.


Discovering a new trance song for the first time is similar to learning to speak or opening your eyes for the first time. Ask any trance fan, and they'll say the same thing. Trance music is as important to them as almost anything else in their life. It's that definitive.

The difference between trance music and other electronic music is palpable. Trance fans can feel the music pulsing from their fingertips to the end of their toes, it's like lightning in musical form – and unlike ecstasy itself– the feeling of euphoria never subsides.

Trance DJs are constantly being inspired by what lay before them, paying homage to previous generations. It's impossible to compare trance music from the early nineties to modern trance, (mainly because of the complete evolution of DJ equipment) but the essence will always remain. Every trance DJ never forgets their roots, and every DJ will have been inspired by an instantaneous moment, a moment when it went from being 'a track', to 'The Track'.

The hipster’s favourite DJ Sven Vath, was one of the first to develop the trance sound in the nineties, along with Paul Oakenfold, Talla 2XCL and Sasha, who helped lead the way. It's impossible to deny Tiësto, his place in trance folklore. Whilst Ferry Corsten, Armin and Paul Van Dyk, etc have been at the forefront of the industry since its innocent beginnings. While some DJs moved on to conquer other aspects of the electronic dance music, many stayed to protect and shape the industry as you now see it.

True trance DJ's are the embodiment of what it means to live through the music, DJs like John O' Callaghan, Simon Patterson Bryan Kearney or Aly and Fila amongst others, live trance music, collectively dedicating decades of their life to their craft. Trance fans refuse to accept a 'Press Play DJ', and more often than not 'Press Play DJ's' tend to move on to whatever next wave of electronic music is deemed most popular. Trance fans and trance DJ's respect the music too much to allow themselves to settle for second best.

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There's more to trance than the one genre, The Prophet is not hear to list the different genres for you, that's your homework. If you simply like one-size-fits-all trance music, you're not trying hard enough. But The Prophet cannot state emphatically enough, there's no such thing as CryTrance.

As much as EDM attempts to be a spiritual awakening, it's simply trying to emulate the feeling felt in the trance genre, trance can not be copied, how can you copy an emotional connection? It's unlike anything else felt within music or even the world.

Listening to trance music, hours feel like minutes, minutes like seconds, no other music offers you this feeling of escape, trance is more than a song or an album, it’s an entire way of life. It's music on a different level, it’s music that elevates you to a spiritual plane.

For every detractor of trance music (of which there are many), remember there's no need to argue with them or attempt to change their mind, only the music can do that, and be assured the music will, it's just whether they allow it to soak into their hearts, to set themselves free.

Trance is like falling in love, time and time again, with each new track your love grows, in many ways it's like a marriage, sometimes you move away and listen to other genres, but it's always there and when you do come back, you question why you ever left in the first place.

Pure Trance legend Solarstone explained it perfectly when he said:

“It's the sense that we are one, it connects people. There's no other type of electronic music that does it. Trance is the reason why people get up in the morning, or why they get over a relationship. People fall in love to it.”

To every true fan, trance is as nourishing to their soul, as food is to their body.

Until next week The Prophet has spoken.

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