Man of many aliases Eric Prydz is back to hype his techno fans up with the announcement that new Cirez D music is on the way. In a tweet he let fans know that a release with mysterious collaborator Acki Kokotos is "cooking." No due date has been announced, but he's set to perform at Ultra Music Festival in a few months under his Cirez D moniker so chances are we will be hearing it sooner rather than later. 

Fans were first introduced to the name Acki Kokotos back in 2011 when Prydz collaborated with them on the Sirtos Madness/Tomorrow EP. These are currently the only two tracks under the artist's music profiles. The enigmatic producer has baffled fans for five years now, with an entire Reddit page even devoted to uncovering his identity. 

The new music will be the first we hear from Cirez D since Prydz uploaded the set from Seismic Dance Event in November of 2019. Catch Cirez D live at Ultra Miami 2020 with a special B2B set with Adam Beyer.

H/T: DJ Mag