Since first bursting onto the scene in 2018, NYC producer Martron has become known for his eclectic and diverse electronic music productions. With his latest single, "Fresh Like," Martron combines chilled out trap beats with melodic bass and hip-hop elements to deliver a cutting-edge and modern sound. 

A trained musician, Martron's sheer musical talent and vast comprehension of music theory is apparent through his production prowess on "Fresh Like." Using trap-infused beats, melodious bass lines, and mesmerizing rhythms, Martron hypnotizes his listeners into a state of sonic reverie. With eclectic musical influences ranging from Mozart to Daft Punk and Skrillex, Martron uses a wide palette of diverse sounds to produce a moody and emotional type of vibe. 

Martron has already worked alongside like-minded artists such as The Ragga Twins, Bronze Whale, and Kate Higgins. He is quickly catching the ears of progressively more and more listeners who are drawn to his passionate and eloquent production. Be on the lookout for this talented music producer who is quickly on the rise.