While everyone's buckled down indoors due to the COVID-19 quarantines, artists have been passing the time by live streaming. A beautiful silver lining in all this is the wave of new music that is sure to blossom as producers are now locked up with little to do but create art. One producer who is doing just that is Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore). 

He recently went live on Instagram sharing a full behind the scenes of his creative process and ended up making an entire track. The beat caught not only the attention of his fans but bass music producer G Jones (real name Greg Jones). In the first clip, you can hear Moore tinkering with a funky, Bollywood-sounding production when he notices Jones in the comments. From there he goes on to shoot over the track to him igniting fan frenzy over the potential of a collaboration. 

This isn't the first collaboration teased by Moore since the quarantines were put into place. Just a few days ago he went live with DJ Snake and they revealed plans to release a track together in the week. We also learned this week that Moore’s highly anticipated new album was in its final stages. 

Stay tuned as more information regarding the new album, and potential new collaborations come out.  


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